Bobble Bobble Bobble

We said we would, and oh yes we did. Did we ever.

Instead of the (boring) plastic bride and groom atop the wedding cake, we are taking a different, more personal, more awesome tact: Bobblehead dolls of ourselves. In superhero outfits, of course.

We sent our pictures to the geniuses at a bobblehead company who used high-tech imaging to transfer our faces to the bodies of miniature superheroes. These will sit on our wedding cake on our wedding day, and then they will retire to the proverbial mantle place of our home, where our children and their children and their children's children will come to see us for the creative superheroes that we are.

Either that, or once they're in therapy they'll have something to talk about.


Love Yoy Babe

My poor fiancee, just trying to do her part in continuing 5,000 years of beautiful history.

The rabbi told us that it is a tradition in Jewish weddings for the bride to give a new tallis, or prayer shawl, to the groom. So on a Judaica web site run by some fly-by-night company (based either in Tel Aviv or Crown Heights, or possibly both), Deborah found a pretty awesome -looking tallis threaded in rainbow, which has sort of become the color scheme for our wedding.

Then she decided to add her own non-traditional flourish -- having "Love You Babe" written in thread right there on the tallis itself.

But that isn't exactly how it turned out, as you can see. When I opened the box, I initially assumed that this was some sort of Yiddish pun...Oy! Goy! And Yoy!

That now doesn't appear to be the case. The company goofed. A refund/replacement request has been filed; I will keep yoy updated.

(P.S. Dear Mom, That thing you got Deborah for her shower is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Thanks!)


Rainbow Chuppah!

"We need the biggest gay flag you have," Deborah said.

"This one?" asked the clerk at Giovanni's Room.


$56 later, we have a 5-foot by 8-foot multi-colored chuppah.

The chuppah is the traditional Jewish canopy that the bride and groom stand under as they get married.
People do all kinds of different things for their chupah -- sometimes there's lots of greenery, like the Garden of Eden, other times four friends or family members hold a simple white sheet above the couple.

By popular demand -- if you consider a 16-8 poll on my blog "popular demand" -- the gay rainbow flag will be our chupah. And we're stoked. Gays may not be able to get married, but they will at least be symbolically represented at this wedding.

When you search "rainbow chupah," a link to this blog is the first to come up on Google, which I think is hilarious. But it's not just us. Last month the first lesbians to get married under South Africa's new civil Union Act purposely chose a rainbow chuppah.

If it happens one more time the New York Times Sunday Style section will do an article on this "trend"!


Fun With Photoshop

One good thing, or the only good thing, about having photographer friends who also happen to be insomniacs is that they send you photoshopped gems like this picture -- a hybrid of Deborah's new engagement ring and the unique-looking jeweler who created it.

The question, of course, is whether the jeweler could even make a ring that looks like the one in this picture. And if he could, would we even be able to afford it?

[Pic from Philadelphia Magazine...And as always, more procrastinationary goodness over at tokoni.]

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