Rainbow Chupah!

By an overwhelming vote of 16-8, "rainbow chupah" beat out "bartenders serve vodka," "only straights have to pay" and "wedding cake depicts Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard in naked embrace" as the most mature way to comment on gay marriage at our wedding. This, of course, means I have too many Jewish readers.

The chupah is the tent-like canopy that stands over Jewish couples as they get married to protect them from the sun, because we tend to be on the pale side and we shouldn't burn ourselves before the honeymoon. As a result of this vote, our chupah will now be rainbow colored.

Votes aren't just for fun, people. YOU have the opportunity to bring the democratic process to our wedding day. Vote early. Vote often. Vote from various ISPs and URLs and AOLs. Rock it. We will abide by the voters' demands, and do what you say on our wedding day. Unless someone overrules me. Like the wife, or my mom.

The next ballot question is as follows: What song should I walk down the aisle to? Big Pimpin by Jay-Z, Captain Jack by Billy Joel, I Think We're Alone Now (The Beating Of Our Hearts Is The Only Sound) by Tiffany, Walk Like An Egyptian by Different Light, a 30-second compilation of tunes from Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Gin 'n Juice by Snoop Dogg, Paradise By The Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf or Talking World War III Blues by Bob Dylan?

More suggestions for songs needed. I'll add them to the poll.


Zachary said...

"I want you to want me" Styx

"Up on Cripple Creek" The Band

"wedding song" Bob Dylan

"yirushalyim shell zahav" - Naomi Shemer

Anonymous said...
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Old Man Snap said...

Anything from The Last Waltz, especially Who Do Ya Love, would be sweet, no?

We also vote Eye of the Tiger, although Captain Jack seems somewhat apropos.

Sugar said...

Rollin down the aisle, sipping on the blood of Jesus - laid baaack.

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