Celebrity Brides Trade Cocaine Bumps For Baby Bumps, And So Should You

Sometimes when you're in a relationship you know what the answer is to certain things by making jokes that you don't realize are jokes, like, "If we had a baby before we got married we'd have to sit down for some serious one-on-one convo, ya know what I mean?" and then getting a response from the future Mrs. that's definitely, definitely not a joke, like "WHAT?!? What exactly would there be to talk about?!?"

So there's that. No visits to Planned Parenthood in this guy's future. And that's a good thing. Why? Because being pregnant on your wedding day is a trend! Yay! And maternity bridal dresses are practical, and sexy! Check out this press release from Philly-based (and adorably named) Pea In The Pod and Mimi Maternity:

Even celebrities have made getting married while expecting a trend. In
the past, these women rarely wanted to be photographed with a baby bump.
Now, they feel confident and proud to show off their bellies, even in a
wedding dress. They look fabulous!
Because celebrities are exactly the people we should be modeling our parenting behavior after.


Anonymous said...

Certain aspects of conformity tochristianity confuses me!!!If ones pro-life stance comes from a religious standpoint, then why are they having sex before marriage in the first place. Why take one value and ignore the other-they both go hand in hand!!

Everytime you have sex one should be prepared for the consequences!

Annoyed guy

ACG said...

are you saying... are you?

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