So I Just Tried To Plan Something For The Wedding

I haven't really done a lot of the wedding planning so far. Some would say that I've done none of the wedding planning so far. If some would say that, and some have, I really wouldn't have much to say in response.

I haven't met nor spoken to our caterer. I was there when the appointment was scheduled with the florist, but I never went to the meeting with her, and I don't know her name. I've never taken a tour of our wedding spot, I've never been in the hotels where we are reserving rooms and I haven't solved our rehearsal dinner blues.

The wife is a workhorse. Our four parents are totally on the ball. I am worthless.

So I tried. Two months ago I saw this DJ spinning at a bowling alley, and I was imbibed, so I asked him for his digits, and he refused to give them to me. I asked him if he had a MySpace page, and everyone knows that a DJ who says he doesn't have a MySpace page is a lying DJ, so he begrudgingly agreed to let me contact him there.

A month went by. I spent a week thinking of ways not to come across like a d-bag in my message to him. Then I wrote, asking if he would do our wedding.

The DJ waited three days to return my message, and then he let me down easy. "That's a bit too long for me to book," he said.

Who gets rejected by a wedding DJ? Who gets turned down after offering someone thousands of dollars? Who looks for a DJ at bowling alleys and on MySpace?


elpuga said...

Only you could get engaged and still fret about rejection. Classic Katz.

JZ said...

iPod that shit, man. iPod it.

The Band's version of The Chicken Dance with Van Morrison and John Mellencamp is the bomb.

You know you have it.

Anonymous said...

Better to let the future wifey and folks plan it.

Here is the truth, you will always get it wrong!! Ask the wifey about this. Also women are smarter than men!! Write this in a new column and I am the King!!

Salsa guy

Jim said...

What did I tell you about this... you remember your role, don't you? You're going to botch it all if you screw around like that. WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?!?

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