The Bloggin' Brides & Me

I awoke from the fog of my bachelor party this weekend to realize that something funny happened: I am now the most famous male engaged blogger on earth.

Months ago, I surpassed my only competition,
So I'm Engaged, who hasn't posted since April. It's a shame, too, because he was willing to go places that I'm not: "If I could have it my way, Cousin Michael and Brother Andrew would engage in a Best Man Death Match to suss out who will be at my side when it comes time to sign the ketubah in my blood."

Signing the ketubah in your own blood! Brilliant. He also says the dress theme for the wedding is "pimps and hos," and it will take place on Long Island, the "home of innovation." I hope that's ironic. Either way, funny.

So now it's just me. And guess what? The bloggin' brides have discovered me! It seems that it began with 122lovesme, 23, from Seattle, who blogs about her adoring fiance, Mr. 122. I got a little love from Guilty Secret in London, who got engaged only after her boyfriend stopped slinging drugs. Thoughtfulday in Brooklyn is a designer, just like the ole lady. And two women getting civil unioned in DC (see above) named me an "allied bride"!

And then it rolled from there, when Meg from the uber-famous A Practical Wedding said I had filled the "black hole of groom nothingness," and then began a campaign to get me more comments and "peer -pressure" me into posting more.

Love ya ladies! Welcome! My world is a little rougher around the edges, but let me tell you something sister -- when it comes to weddings and the taking-over-your-life thing, I feel you. I feel you. Mmm, hhhhm.


Anonymous said...

I named you an "Allied Bride" and then *removed* you because you never post! You can, however, earn your way back into my blogroll heart by posting twice in the next seven days. Go-go gadget froom! (future groom)

Desaray (the one in green)

Anonymous said...

ps. i prefer "civil unionized"

Veronica said...

Looking forward to more posts. I've got you on my Google reader ;-)

(bride.) said...

Yeah dude, you've got plenty of [until-now] lurkers, too! More! More!

Jenna said...

I've had you on my google reader for a long time now. I hope this attention inspires more posts from you!

miss purple said...

Hear hear! Keep 'em coming, blogger boy. We (now not-so secretly) love you!

Meg said...

Don't worry, MY fiance is supposed to be a regular guest poster, yet he only guest posts when I fix him with the stare of death for more then a week at a time. Also? I want more people blogging about jewish weddings, and you are killing two birds with one stone here, or WOULD BE if you started throwing more stones.

KILL MORE BIRDS! Two in one week. I double Desaray's dare.

CaliOC said...

I just discovered you, but if you keep posting I'll follow! My fh thinks I am crazy and he does not believe me that a guy is blogging about getting married!!!

Old Man Snap said...

You are a marketing genius.

1. Suck up to new readers.

2. Blame lack of posts on "bachelor party."

3. When you do post, make it like a Brady Bunch "Best of" montage by posting about the new readers and a lack of posts due to "bachelor party."

If we were Jim, we'd say post pics!

We *heart* Matt and Debs!

Their goodness is like voting for Obama and sleeping in all wrapped into one li'l tin-foil ball for Shmelvis!

erin*carly said...

new lurker here, thanks to 'a practical wedding.' my fiancé and i can't set a date or begin planning for at least a year (silly Navy), so i've been having fun reading other people's adventures.

thanks for giving the guy insight! (and the jewish wedding insight, too.)

Guilty Secret said...

Thanks, Engaged Guy, love you too.

Just one small point though: England is a big country and 99% of its inhabitants (including me) don't actually live in London. Shocking, I know!

Oh, and I triple dare you. Let's be having that second post!

Guilty Secret said...

P.S. I just listened to the podcast version of this post. Pure comedy.

kristin @ the fairmount bride said...

Just found your blog, love it!

Ms. 122 said...

thanks for the link love! just wanted to let you know that i have recently moved my whole blog...i know, i'm such a pain in the a**! oh well. http://2be122.blogspot.com

Peonies and Polaroids said...

More more more. Now.


zoliepup said...

Alright... I'm adding you. I didn't find you through 122, but she was already on my blog roll... I figure if she vouches for you then I will too!

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