A Gender Bender Centerpiece: Totally Inappropriate? Or Perfectly Appropriate?

This a big day in American politics. Iowans are deciding who makes it to the second-round of the presidential playoffs so the rest of America doesn't have to. Also, we are announcing the winner of the latest awkwardly-worded Engaged Guy poll:

What kind of bobblehead dolls of ourselves should we put on our wedding cake?

The winner? Narrowly beating out "groom in tie and undies and bride in pants suit" is "groom's head with bridal dress and bride's head with tux." Concocted by the bride2be because she's hilarious, the more we think about it the happier we are that voters decided to put our actual faces on the body of the opposite sex.

It just seems appropriate. I once wrote a column called "Gender Lines" -- the only syndicated gender column ever*, by the way -- where I basically just talked about how girlie I am, mostly because it's an easy attempt at a laugh but also because I have done stereotypically female acts (letting my gf handle my battles) while the bride2be has adopted traditionally male traits (supporting my broke-ass).

So I sent this email to headbobble.com last night: "We were interested in purchasing the bride and groom bobbleheads for our wedding centerpieces. But we were wondering if it would be possible to switch the heads of the bobblehead dolls so the groom's body is on the bride's head, and vice versa? Thought it might add a twist...Thanks! Sorry for the weird question..."

The response: "Matt, the heads are not glued on, you can switch them yourself any time you want or switch back after you get bored. thanks, Ken"

Sweet victory! Weird centerpieces at our wedding it will be! And by switching the heads whenever we want, we'll never be "bored" again!

* - this may or may not be true

CREDIT: Headbobble.com; Whoever shot that picture of me on Halloween 2006


chris said...

Remember that time i was buying pizza at that joint near your old apartment and i saw you standing on 14th and pine wearing that outfit. it was an odd moment....because you didnt have change for a 20.

Choseph said...


Anonymous said...

You are kidding? We're cringing here in North Hills at the very thought

Sugar said...

So are you going to glue a veil on the boy head, or have it complete the tux outfit?

Poll idea!

captain helmet said...


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