Who's Better, Gays Or Straights? Time Magazine Tells Us!

A fascinating Time magazine article lists the differences, according to a new body of research, between gay and straight relationships. Check it:

  • Gays are nicer than straights during arguments as couples. They are "less belligerent, less domineering and less fearful." Gays, particularly lesbians, also use more humor when arguing. (Margaret Cho -- loves ya!)
Gays-1 Straights-0

  • Straights are better than gays at making up, or "repairing," after a fight.
Gays-1 Straights-1

  • Gays are more likely to require tension in a relationship. "Gays conduct their relationships as though they are acting out some cheesy pop song: You have to make my heart beat faster for me to love you."
Gays-1 Straights-2

  • Straight men are more sensitive than gay men to their partners' sadness and anger. In gay couples, according to researcher Robert Levenson, "there's a sense of 'We're angry, but isn't this funny?'"
Gays-2 Straights-2

So it's a tie, dammit. Possible solution? Triads.

PHOTO: Elmo from Sesame Street. For some reason, it seemed appropriate.


JZ said...

I just let God be the source of love in my marriage. And Triads seem, well, a tad complicated.

Amy said...

Tel-a-tubbies, Matt. THAT would be more appropriate. Oh, and the improper grammar in the title? I know you can write better than that!!!

I also believe gays are better at relationships. Perhaps one reason is they have the 'we're in this "we're ostricised" mess together and there aren't many of us so we have to be faithful to and tolerant of each other' mindset.

Make sense? BUt you GOTTA have fun in your marriage!! Jokes galore! I liken my marriage to M*A*S*H*- as intolerable as situations can get, we always have our sense of humor to release the steam. -A

AV said...


Matt Katz said...

now my spelling is fixed. i'm an idiot.

captain helmet said...

elmo is going to steal your shoes son

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