"I Guess You'll Do"

Sometimes, there's something on the interwebs that makes you (me) realize that my (our) life is virtually indistinguishable from almost everyone else who lives in my building, goes to my yoga class and graduated from my high school. Last month, it was the site Stuff White People Like that made me realize this. And now, thanks to Nora, we have this little diddy about falling in love:


Zachary said...

white people love musical comedy!

Sugar said...

Vegetarian? Check.
Liberal arts degree? Check
Rehabbed our house? Check
Watch Arrested Development? Check
Have exactly one black friend? Check
Throw organic dinner parties? Check
Studied abroad? Check
Natural medicine? Double check

I guess I am white people.

Jason Nark said...

Dude, my blue Roy Keane soccer Jersey from Ireland. . .I too am so white people. There's not many options though.

captain helmet said...

im glad im a dego...white people are fagazies

NCK said...

I hate that little movie! They painted such a cynical picture of life and love, and one that's hard to dispute - yet completely inaccurate (I hope).

This coming from someone whose parents actually advise me and my siblings to hold out on marriage until we reach the point when we can't live without being married to a particular someone. When I turned 28, my parents gave me a full 8-piece set of Lenox china to symbolically tell me that I didn't have to be married to have nice stuff... groan.

JZ said...

Wait. Did you go to Germany?

The interwebs works there, except for the optonline. You should update more.

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