Actually that's not true. The ring was replaced weeks ago, I just forgot to update the general public. So here's the skinny: Deborah and I went to this legendary Philadelphia jewelry store called Halloween run by an even more legendary Philadelphia gay icon. This dude is a friend of John Waters, claims to have been at Stonewall, designs jewelry for Elton John and he looks like this. The store is basically a big jewelry box; it is the only jewelry store I've ever been to where I actually felt comfortable.

In any case, we gave the jeweler, Henri David, a pearl I bought for Deborah as part of a necklace when I was in Vietnam (for vaca, not war). He turned it into the flower-like awesomeness you see above. It's more comfy on her hand, it's more protected from being damaged and it was cheap, cheap, cheap.

So now we're engaged again, which is nice.

[In other news, I'm in love with my dry cleaner. Check out that non-engaged-guy-related story here.]


mel said...

Hey there! I'm new to your blog and LOVING IT!

I'm also in the Philly area and by boyfriend and I will be "officially" getting engaged in September...he's basically been saving up for and trying to find a ring. Since I want something different (a blue topaz) it's been a challenge for him.

That said, how was Henri David? Should we look into him? Is he affordable?


kaitl said...

Lovelovelove custom, non-traditional rings! And that one is beautiful!
Just found your blog (through A Practical Wedding) and am enjoying your posts so far!

Matt Katz said...

Yes! Definitely look into Henri David. He's a Philly legend -- the place is behind a nondescript door directly across from a pizza place on Pine Street between 13th and Broad. He's place is like a massive jewelery box. Incredible. Must check it out.

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