Horah Hooray

Naturally, the answer to my Horah prayers rests with a little-known Norwegian pop band named "Euroboys." (NOTE: It's a bad idea to Google-Image "euro boys" if you're at work, by the way.)

Euoroboys enjoyed moderate success in Europe, or at least in the greater Oslo metropolitan area, with their all-instrumental experimental album "Jet Age" in 1997. Weirdly, the very first track on the album is "Hava Nagila," the old-timey Jewish tune that is traditionally played during the "Horah," a (or the) Jewish wedding dance.

Did I mention that these dudes are Norwegian?

In any case, I have no idea how this happened, but this Horah jam is insanely kick-ass. True, I love all Horah jams, and during my ongoing research of the 162 Hava Nagilas available for purchase on iTunes, the only one I haven't liked so far was by the Meshugga Dance Party. So I'm an easy sell.

But the Norwegian Horah really has all the right ingredients: Rockabilly, California surf rock, tablas and, possibly, a riff ripped off from somewhere on the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack. I'm talking to Deejay* quick-stat about how we can drop some traditional Klezmer on top of the bass and turn this Horah into the greatest 40-minute extravaganza of music and dance that mankind, or at least Jews, have ever seen.

*this is both the name of a person and the name of that person's occupation.

CREDIT: Shot taken from a photo by Ali Smith on the dance floor during great times at Dan & Sara's wedding in March.


designer-in-denial said...

11)He Bought 25 horahs to find the right one.
12)He cleans up after me.
13) He looks like a burrito when he is asleep in the morning.
14) He calls Shmelvis "buddy".
15) HE drives a ridiculous looking car and totally loves it.
16) He is handsome
17) He shines when he smiles.
18) He stopped wearing pleated pants when I told him too. Also sketcher shoes.
19) He always is up for whatever crazy plan I have for the wedding.
20) I can drag him to florist appointments with no complaining.

Jason Nark said...

Is that when you get hoisted up on chairs? Do people ever fall when that happens?

I know Catholics just get hammered--and feel guilty about it the next day.

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