Results of Poll On Wedding Centerpieces: It's A Tie!!!

For the first time in Engaged Guy history, we have a tie in one of our monthly polls -- where YOU get to be your very own bridezilla and make a wedding decision. This month's decision: What should our centerpieces be at the wedding? Choices given: 12. Last place with zero votes: Bobblehead dolls of the groom.

Weirdly, bobblehead dolls featuring both the groom and the bride landed in first-place.
And shockingly, the other first-place position was taken by the Wandering Jew. None of the eight people who voted for it realized that this is actually a purple house plant.

To settle the tie, the bride will use her veto power and reject the idea of any more Wandering Jews at our wedding. Meanwhile, we will recognize the bobblehead doll by putting two custom-made bobblehead dolls of ourselves on top of the wedding cake.

The question is -- and this leads me to the next poll -- what should our cake bobbleheads be doing? Should we be a bride and a groom?!? Hells no. There are companies out there -- like Headbobble.com's examples in the pics posted here -- that actually turn your likeness into something cool, like a bobblehead doll that poses in Tarzan underwear.

So far, here are our ideas so far on how to pimp our bobbleheads.
Vote on your left, early and often: Superman & Superwoman; Fireman & Cop; Groom's head with Bridal Dress & Bride's head with Tux; Groom in Tie and Undies & Bride in Pants Suit; Both as Cheesy Muscleheads; Bride and Groom on Toilet.


JZ said...

Um. I'm embarassed. I learned about the whole plant thing after voting. I really pictured numerous Woody Allens wandering around the wedding, mumbling and more self-deprecating than me and hitting on my date.

I'm a bad honorary Jew. I'm sorry.

Old Man Snap said...

We JZ gotta be racist?

Old Man Snap said...

Why. Ugh. Why JZ gotta be racist.

designer-in-denial said...

I can't believe you just got 3 comments from the same guy who has 2 different names.

elpuga said...

I feel misled about the Wandering Jews, too. I am a little more jaded and cynical today. Really. It's sad.

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