Leave The Roses, Take The Canolis

Wedding planning turned shockingly awesome Saturday afternoon when we went to a caterer who not only hates the Yankees and calls desserts "dessert concepts," but he has an employee on call who randomly shows up in his office with trays of the dank chocolate!

I thought the caterer part of wedding planning would involve lots of free sampling of food, so during two other catering appointments I skipped breakfast and lunch accordingly. But one caterer we went to gave us peanuts -- literally. And another refused to give me a cup of water, even though I didn't ask.

Our luck changed Saturday when the caterer offered up some rugelach, canolis, brownies and a full chocolate cake! To take home! And if he charges us too much we still might not even hire him! Here's Moms and Pops putting the "free" back in freedom:Unfortunately, super-generous caterer-guy ruined it for super-nice florist-guy on Sunday, because I just assumed he'd hook it up with some complimentary begonias. When he didn't, I was disappointed, and now I just may sue him.

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Old Man Snap said...

Dank chocolate? Figures.

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