Yet Something Else You Won't Find At The Katz Wedding

The latest thing to hit the wedding industry is "boudoir wedding photography," in which a wedding photographer takes pictures of the bride getting dressed for her big day or posing pornographically (or "erotically," depending on your level of outrage) in her bedroom or in a boudoir studio. The nudie and semi-nudie pics are then presented as a wedding gift from the bride to the groom, who briefly looks up from his Maxim and then goes back to staring at an airbrushed Jessica Alba.

One New York photographer charges $2,500 for a two-hour session at home or in her boudoir* studio. The package includes up to 200 prints and a coffee table book for couples who have families that are really, really, really, really comfortable with their sexualities.

An insulting symbol of how women will stoop to the lowest common denominator of the male imagination in an attempt to maintain relevance in an increasingly misogynistic, sex-obsessed society? A heartening symbol of women's liberation and the American female's post-post-modern ability to own her sexuality and turn marriage, thought of as a stale sexual dessert, into something exciting and new and hopefully everlasting?

I have no idea. I clearly haven't given this much thought at all or viewed too many boudoir wedding galleries.

To form your own opinion, do NOT view this site at work, unless want to get called to HR. Probably shouldn't view this one even at home, especially the "nude/implied" category with the bride being embraced by seven of her naked bridesmaids.

[Photo above taken by this New York City photo

* "boudoir" - French for "I just banged your wife"


Billy Joel said...

I always thought this was more of a "I starved myself for months to fit into the dress, so let's capture this moment because I plan on gaining 50 pounds by the time we have kids."

Old Man Snap said...

This is so hot artist French guy tagging hotter Diane Lane in the bathroom in The Unfaithfuls.

Speak Sexy said...

If my soon-to-be husband would rather look at Maxim-styled photos than sexy pictures of me, I'd seriously reconsider the whole wedding idea...And I'd be sure to keep the photos. Who wouldn't love to have erotic pictures of themselves to look back on when they're old? ;)

saryn said...

i agree with billy joel. i also think they should offer some kind of 2-for-1 deal with sexy bikini pics on the beach from the honeymoon. better yet, invite the videographer to their first night in bed as man & wife! isn't "the sex tape" a rite of passage these days in of itself?

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