Booze? Check.

With the help of my anonymous friend pictured here, I ventured across state lines (shhhhhhh....) and bought enough booze to keep our wedding going for four days. With this much liquor, it's hard to believe we still need food.

Some highlights:

  • Ronrigo Rum! Don't be fooled by the plastic bottle. This is the hottest thing in the Caribbean these days.
  • Six bottles of vermouth! I'm not sure why.
  • Huge bottles of Svedka Vodka (my dad's pick) for just $20 each!
  • Two kinds of champagne!
  • A mind-boggling 44 bottles of wine!
  • Three surprise brands of beer!
Distant cousins Kahlua, Pucker, Amaretto, Triple Sec and Peach Schnapps will be well represented. Hopefully this will make some people, who declared themselves sober for the weekend, will rethink that thought.

The best part: We can return all the booze we don't drink! Although I can't imagine that happening.

Now the worst part: My anonymous friend was kind enough to store all the booze at his apartment, but I stopped by his place a few hours after I dropped off the stuff, and he looked like this:


Old Man Snap said...

We know this fella! His voice is the shizzle!

Marilyn said...

A word to the wise. We did the same thing for my daughter's wedding, bringing the booze from Chicago where we were visiting friends. During the wedding, most of it disappeared including some very expensive bottles. The man in charge of the booze who had the inventory list said our guests drank it all and we did not have big drinkers among our guests. Tell whoever is in charge that someone from your wedding party would like to see the empty bottles at the end.

VelvetMinxx said...


I think I just figured out what happened to all our booze. 10 gallons of liquor, 60 guests and the moment I walk into the reception I'm accosted about the lack of Vodka.

Why did I never think of that? StoooPid.

Oh, and Matt - good luck!!! We need more posts!!!

captain helmet said...

sounds like my dreams of throwing up in a real world house will finally come true. rad.

Old Man Snap said...

So yeah. Less than a week away? That must mean double-post days from today on, right?


Shmelvis said...

excuyse my typeinf bevcause ti's hard to tyoe with payws lol, but I hve to say waching mom and dad get ready thre way they are fro the bug day iuhs awesome. mom is all weatring her cowboy boots and dad is totally worrureed about his thin tie but they;re like so cute with the runnignn around and the worrygint about hotel reservvcatins and all of these thingds. i setiously cant wait to be there for the bidf day 2. oh. they didn't invite me becausye ima kat lol well thats ok because dad says iu haveeo oplenty of tin balls to plays with.

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