We're Going To The Chapel & We're Going To Get In The New York Tiiiimes

It's 4:39 a.m., and I'm about to pass out for the last time as a single man. Hallelujah.

Also, we got an amazingly long listing in the New York Times this morning, including a video where they do, as I expected, rock the "Sex & The City" music.

Not only am I described as evoking a "young Woody Allen," which is a fascinating description for someone on the verge of marriage, but the engagedguy.blogspot.com gets a holla in the video portion.

What an amazing run. I gotta go marry a girl. We'll see you on the other side.


Alice said...

i just watched the video, and have been reading up on your blog! congratulations and have an amazing wedding in philly! haven't been back since my days at upenn.

best wishes from LA!

(bride.) said...

Woohoo! The video is awesome and the Woody Allen comparison is so silly. If your name were Christian MacDonald (or something like that), would they have said that? Kind of like the Japanese tennis player (Nishikori) who played at the US Open yesterday. One of the commentators compared him to Michael Chang. Oy. Sorry if it seems like I'm being hyper-sensitive... I actually think it's kind of funny.

ANYWAY, congrats!!! You guys look so wonderful for each other, and I really enjoyed watching the video. I hope everything goes/went swimmingly, and can't wait to hear all about it soon.

katie said...

the cheese is definitely very sweet. congratulations!

zoliepup said...

Woo Hoo! I first met you through your post about the NY Times, so this seems very fitting!

Congratulations on your wedding. Look forward to reading your re-cap and your insights on married life.

Anonymous said...

Screw the wedding. We wanna now about the honeymoon! ;) Best wishes and, as before, have a FREAKING blast (not that you're going to read this on your wedding day!) -A from Lewiston NY

Keki42 said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear about your wedding & I definitely hope you & your very soon to be Mrs continue to blog afterwards as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your lives.

I loved the video, thought it was just the right side of cheesy/sweet- A great way to start a Sunday morning! xx

Truly Engaging said...

Congratulations! Wow! and in the Times to boot... Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Matt & Deborah, loved The Times video. Best of luck to you both. I really like the idea of a married blog. Please give it serious consideration. Enjoy your wedding day and the honeymoon.


Sweet T said...

Congrats! It's been fun reading your journey to the aisle!

hwong14 said...

congratulations!! i'm familiar with your C-P column, so it was cool to find your blog through the wedding blogosphere. congrats on the NYT, too -- very cool!

NatureGirl said...

Congratulations on getting married today! I am a huge fan of the blog because it puts my nerves at ease as I am planning my wedding for next August.

You rock for hitting the grand slam in wedding announcement on NYT.

All the best to you and Deborah.

Guilty Secret said...

Double congratulations my friend! You're married and you made it into the NYT - woohoo!

megan t. said...

matt, don't know if you remember me (it's been what? 13 years?), but we were friends at northwestern's cherubs high school program at medill together in summer 1995? it's such a treat to see you on here and doing so well and happy! congratulations to you and your beautiful bride!!

TopKatz said...

I saw your announcement in the NYTimes and did a double-take (luckily, not a spit-take)... Thought it might amuse you to learn that a guy named Katz (Talbot) and a gal named Hurwitz (Jenny) have gone down this path before, but we had a Memorial Day Weekend wedding, rather than Labor Day Weekend. That was back in 1996, and twelve years later we're still rockin'. Mazel Tov! Have a great one!

Monique said...

Cool!!! :) Have a wonderful married life! Best Wishes!


Zachary said...


Jenna said...

Oh, are you going to have a married blog? I really hope so!!

Meg said...

Fan-freaking-tastic. I just watched the video (and I'm sure its on our TIVO, we have it set to get all the nytimes videos, how funny) and I loved it. You guys have a story not unlike ours.

We want to hear all about the wedding when you get back!

Downeaster Alexa said...

The wedding was fantastic.

The live-blogged relationship was epitomized by the number of anonymous onlookers who gathered at the courtyard fence to watch the ceremony.

Despite my mother's previous advice, I wouldn't be surprised if we went through most or all of the booze on our own, and it didn't look like much survived after the bar itself collapsed toward the end (I was secretly disappointed no one shouted out an ironic "Mazel Tov" when all that glass broke).

Can you go on using "Engaged Guy" now that you're married?

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VelvetMinxx said...

Congrats!! Congrats!!

Now post the pics!

Jo @ Allegro Photography said...

Awesome!!!! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

where did u go

Anonymous said...

Another marriage screwed up a great blog :-( last one to leave, turn out the lights.

Old Man Snap said...


*We know. But we've been silently protesting that you're not blogging here anymore by not blogging in our own li'l world of comedic goodness and hope.

Hannah Noel said...


that [engaged] girl

Anonymous said...

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