When Homeslice Gets Laid Off, She Lays Out

No, we're not canceling the wedding, as some have suggested. No catastrophe could possibly stop this thing at this point.

And apparently life actually goes on. Hearing the stories about unemployment in comments and emails -- and more specifically the stories about getting laid off right before weddings -- indicates that this will probably not kill us.

Melissa was threatened with a lay-off three days before her wedding and then canned the day before her birthday. Guess what? Still alive. Marilyn lost her job the month before her wedding, and her husband lost his job the month after. Guess what? That was 1971, and she said it was "the best thing that ever happened"!

That's the thinking around these parts, too. To wit, this what the bride has been up to:

1) She went to the beach. Laid out. Had two beers, which intoxicated her. Standard. Posed for picture, above.

2) Started a blog about being unemployed with her friend Allison (above), another victim of the butcher on Sansom Street. It's the hottest thing in the blogiverse right now. Check it! Greetingsfromunemployment.blogspot.com

3) Completed a range of wedding-related tasks, including painting a ketubah! It's like arts-and-craft day at camp around here these days.

4) Organized job offers into alphabetical order.

It doesn't mean it doesn't suck, which it does. But this kind of thing happens on the regular in America in 2008. "Layoff" is the new "black." So we deal. And blog about it or something.


Old Man Snap said...

Dude. We wondered what was missing from your blog. GRATUITOUS BIKINI SHOTS. Get on that.

- Jim

zoliepup said...

Sounds like those lemons are becoming lemonaid!

Jim said...

Jim would never be so crass as to comment on the bride-to-be's bathing attire.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am writing a story for a bridal magazine--it's about couples like you--where one has lost a job or had his/her hours reduced right before a wedding. I'm looking to talk to folks about how they're coping and moving forward. The story will also give advice to other couples who might face the same thing. I'd love to interview you/your fiance for the story. Please email me at nycwriter1@yahoo.com if you are willing to be interviewed for the story!

AllieDale said...

woa i've made a blog-cameo! i feel so...exposed!

SamShapiro said...

I got laid off from my job 3 months before the big day. Best time I ever had. 6 weeks of severance, a few unemployment checks and a 401k that never amounted to much. Awesome time!

NotYoungNotOld said...

Now I'm reading your fiance's blogs too.. haha ADDICTED!!

Anonymous said...

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