Engagement Ring, December 2006-March 2008

Please pour a drop of your morning coffee on the office or kitchen floor today as we sit shiva for Deborah's engagement ring, which disappeared last week.

Oh, ring. You were good ring, ring. Yes, that pearl did sort of stick out a little--a lot, actually--and you sometimes ended up banging yourself against doors, people and pets. You occasionally fell on the floor or behind dressers, which was annoying. But you looked dope on Deborah's hand, and even our wedding DJ, who is considerably cooler than we are, called us the coolest couple ever after seeing you on Deborah's finger.

How did the ring disappear? We'll get to that. In the mean time, this losing-the-ring thing is the most exciting thing that's happened on the Engaged Guy in years, and you know it, so you'll excuse me if I gorge myself on this topic this week...

That having been said, you can find a little background on the first moments of my 15-month relationship with the ring at here, at mattkatz.tokoni.com. Tokoni is a new social networking site based on the idea that we are all connected by our stories, and they've invited me to do some writing for them. Check 'em out!


Anonymous said...
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JZ said...

Cross networking! So very Interwebs!

Maybe the ring is under that righteous cap on your head?

Blaire Allison the Love Guru said...

That's so sad Matt. I'm sorry! Doesn't sound like you're too upset though, must have been insured. Go you! (cha-ching anyone?)

Wishing you the best in love,

Blaire Allison
The Love Guru

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Pete said...

Have you checked your cat's EBay seller account? Or, alternatively, his stools?

CTemp said...
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JZ said...

Oh. And Blaire. Why don't you call me back? I'm frustrated with love *and* alone. Um. No I'm not.

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