Engagement Ring, December 2006-March 2008 (Part 2 of 3)

When Deborah came home from Washington, DC last weekend, it took a few minutes before I felt her bare ring finger. And then things went something like this:

"Babe, did you accidentally leave your ring in DC again?!?"
"Oh, okay. Good."
"I actually lost it."

Silence. Nothing. We were both sort of speechless. If you've ever spent any time around either of us at any point, you know this must have been quite a remarkable moment.

Deborah explained that after she realized the engagement ring was gone, she spent hours looking for it at the two apartments where she had spent time over the weekend. I wanted to ask her if she left it on her other boyfriend's bedside table, but I was so bummed I wasn't even in the mood to drop B-level infidelity jokes.

Deborah said she had spent so much time worrying about my reaction that she toyed with some ideas about how to tell me what happened, including the following diddy [a name has been omitted]:

"Listen, Matt, I gotta tell you something. Our good friend, -----, has AIDS."
"Oh my God! Really?!?!?"
"No...But I lost the engagement ring."

To find out more about my alternatively mature and self-righteous reaction to the end of the ring, continue here.


JZ said...

Wait. So now your loyal readers have to track down your posts like a Choose Your Own Adventure book?

I kept trying to click on the link with the story of how Deb was "only kidding" about "losing" the "ring."

What. Too soon?*

*Poster's note: I realize the use of "too soon" is quickly going the way of "Very niiiiiice, how much?" or "That's what she said," but whatevs. You're telling AIDS jokes.

Sugar said...

Hi Matt. Maybe the blog isn't going to well. First you had the "W" disaster, then the scathing blond jokes and now somebody's called you out on an AIDS faux pas.

I still believe in you!

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