These Boys In The Basement With The Pecs And The Facial Hair

Several questions came to mind as I watched Deborah clean out her parents' basement this past weekend:

  • Why did Deborah paint so many paintings of her boyfriends?
  • Why are they so good?
  • Why are the boyfriends often in various states of undress?
  • Do I have smaller pectorals than these guys?
  • More to the point, does Deborah think about the fact that I have the smallest pectorals?
  • Are my lack of pectorals related to the fact that there are 0 paintings of me in the basement?
  • Or is it the lack of facial hair?
  • And why is Deborah looking at me weird as I take pictures of these boys in the basement?


elpuga said...

I highly recommend listening to this post with the audio. Cracks me up.

Grant said...

Listened to the blog on itunes as recommended. It is hilarious!!

JZ said...

Holy shit.

Listening to what is obviously Matt's inner dialogue voice is so my new favorite hip thing to do, more so than saying "interwebs," pimping my MySpace page or quoting Kevin from The Office.

Dude. This is *awesome*. Best interwebs invention ever.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt:

Rule 1: No numbers games

Also, you must be the most neurotic guy on the planet. She is marrying you and you are worried about Ex's

Salsa guy

JZ said...

Oh these boys on the interwebs with the not updating the blizzle dizzle in a timely fashion.

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