Neurosis Of The Day: I Look Like A Jackass On Wedding Dance Floors

Deborah and I recently attended the wedding of this banging-hot couple...Mark and Yumi. The photography, by the shockingly good Anna Kuperberg, caught the magic of the night in the Redwoods of Northern California. The camera also captured, in full splendor, my flamboyance, my attention-whorishness and my general lack of coolness on a wedding dance floor. Consider:

By the way, I don't remember posing for these pictures.
And I don't remember my future wife laughing at me behind my back.
But if I was her, I wouldn't be laughing.I'd be worried about the kind of DNA I'll be passing on to her children.


Zachary said...

At least you are rocking a sweet suit. Also, you could probably add pictures from jeremy and mel's wedding (you and i grinding with the bride) or any number of hora pics from Steve and Sarah's wedding. Although i certainly have you beat when it comes to looking foolish on a wedding dance floor - your pants, unlike mine, tend to not split while the whole wedding is watching.

designer-in-denial said...

hahahaha, ive been trying to tell you this for years. you think i don't like to dance because i don't know how to react to those flaring arms, but really im scared for my life. I love to dance, try less cheerleader moves and more soul. Love ya

Old Man Snap said...

Picture 4 is some telling sh*t -- um, in a good way.

Jen A. Miller said...

I just got the link to my friend's wedding pictures, and after one look at me on the dance floor, I decided another time might be better to look at them. Like never.


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