DJ Update: I Think He Likes Me

So I've been corresponding via MySpace with this deejay candidate, and things are going well. I'm definitely ready to finally tell you about him, even though at this point there is a good possibility that he will actually read this and realize that I'm live-blogging my correspondence with him. And that might make our relationship awkward.

But...too late now. Here goes. His name is DJ Deejay, which we enjoy. He does these very bumping Madonna-Michael-Prince dance parties, one of which we went to over New Year's Eve, which we liked not only because of the tunes but also because one of our friends gyrated against our other friend's friend during Prince's "Kiss" and a picture of said gyration ended up on the web site of the party promoter on Jan. 1. Happy new year!

DJ (that's the name he goes by--I'm not sure if it refers to his real name, his deejay name, or his profession) seems excited about the wedding, although we haven't spoken specifics. Do I recommend artists, and he picks the tunes? Do I give him suggestions about what to play, or are those suggestions actually mandatory? And does anyone have any suggestions on the mandatory suggestions, if there are are any?


Jen A. Miller said...

I still have no idea why people think Prince is sexy.


Anonymous said...

i have no idea either.....but dairy queen is HOT!

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