I Totally Think I Just Did Something For The Wedding

We now sort of have a photographer, and I'm definitely responsible for hiring her. True, I work with her, so I didn't even have to make a phone call to find her. And true, when it came time to talk price I freaked out and had to have the wife deal with it. But I'm taking credit anyway -- this is my special day too, dammit.

Next up: Matt finds a DJ. To recap, I want a dirty tatted-up scenester who plays parties that I'm not cool enough to attend. There's risk in this, of course, because he (she? no, probably not) could be too hung-over or OD'd to actually show up at the wedding. But with risk comes reward, right? Or with risk comes your friend Steve spinning your iPod mini on your iHome while your new iNlaws shoot you disappointed looks. Either way, I'm on the case. After getting rejected by the last DJ I messaged on MySpace, this time I am trying a more deejay-friendly approach, which means I started this message with a "yo." Check it:

Yo DJ Deejay (that's his real name),
Possibly ridiculous question: I'm getting married next Labor Day weekend at the FUEL gallery, and we don't want a wedding band, because they're sometimes cheesedick, so would you consider doing a wedding? We're just looking to have a big party, heavy on the dancing. Oh, and a big, big horah.

Now we wait. What will he say? If finding a DJ requires me leaving MySpace, I'm in trouble.


JZ said...

"Sometimes Cheesedick" would have been the perfect band name.


designer-in-denial said...

oh my god, one look at your profile and this guy is no doubt not replying. If he does how do you suppose we convince the rents, you are crazy!

chris said...


Sugar said...

Too bad you don't live in Chicago, I could hook you up!

Off to check out your My Space page and request friendship.

I am also friends with Sean Prestion Federline, but I'll totally rank you before him.

Sugar said...

Um. I couldn't find you My Space, but I maybe this guy will do your wedding:


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