Speaking Of Flowers...

Deborah caught the bouquet! Deborah caught the bouquet! Holy shit that means I'm gonna get married!

We went to a gorgeous, rocking wedding the Sunday before last for two of our favorite Philly people, Sarah and Sam. The venue was unreal -- the Constitution Center in Philly, where Deborah got way too friendly with the delegation from Massachusetts...

and Aaron got extremely friendly with Benjamin Franklin...

...right before Steve beat Franklin's ass in thumb wrestling.

Sarah and Sam can't make it to our wedding because their friends are getting married the same day. So instead of tossing her bouquet, Sarah told tradition to go eff itself: The band stopped playing, Sarah said a few kind words, and then she handed the flowers off to Deborah. I may or may not have cried.

As Deborah kissed the bride and groom, I snapped pics. Then Sam turned to me and said (as far as I can tell from this picture): "Matt, Why are you so awkward? You're supposed to come up here also. You're always soooooo awkward."

Then I got in on the hug action too. Good times. Thank you again, Sam and Sarah.

At our wedding, we're planning to attach Deborah's bouquet to a string of water balloons and drop the whole damn thing onto the crowd from the balcony when no one's paying attention.

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