Puppy, 4/05 - 10/07

We've been dealing with the life cycles here at Apartment 1002 these days. A long-time member of our family, Puppy, died last week. Puppy was the name of our beta fish, because we're ironic like that. We got him as a sign of domestic commitment and because this semi-professional weed dealer we knew had one and it seemed sorta badass.

Puppy went on and lived 2 1/2 years, which is insanely long for a beta, becoming a significant part of our lives. He shared aquatic living quarters in the pot of our bamboo plant, and our (new defunct) band D(o)SP even wrote a song about the imagined love between Puppy and the plant. It was called, appropriately, "Puppy and the Plant." Eventually, Shmelvis fell in love with Puppy, too, spending his days staring at him pathetically through the glass. And that's why Puppy's death was such a shock to him. Here is a confused Shmelvis after Puppy was flushed:
I told Shmelvis to man up, but he just went into a hysterical temper tantrum, knocking shit down all over the place:To shut him up, and to numb the pain in our own hearts, we bought a new beta, named Kitty, naturally. We bought other fish too: 1360 and Sinacki. Shmelvis was excited when they were delivered:
The End.


Old Man Snap said...

That li'l fish fella was such an integral part of the band, too, and we never really asked him to play.

God speed, Puppy.

JZ said...

And man, you funny.

"I told Shmelvis to man up, but he just went into a hysterical temper tantrum, knocking shit down all over the place."

Zachary said...

my condolences on your loss. i know puppy meant a lot to you two but i want you to know that he touched the lives of everyone who met him. he was a true gentlefish, who enhanced the lives of those around him.

those are big shoes for kitty to fill...

1360? said...

Is he named 1360 in memory of the overthrow of Qulpa by his brother Nawruz Beg as Khan of the Blue Horde?

It would be appropriate, being the 647th year anniversary of this seminal event. As we all know, Qulpa was a despicable tyrant, who for years had forced members of the Blue Horde to drink their own urine, fresh and warm from the bladder. In instituting the practice of cold-filtration and carbonation, Nawruz won the respect and acclaim of his barbarian followers and is rightly credited with a series of smashing victories over the neighbouring Grey Mongolian tribesmen.

Matt Katz said...

Yes! That's exactly who he's named after. 1360 is our fave barbarian! How'd you know?!?

klewdog said...

You can always do like i've done (without success) and try breeding betas. Just watch out for when they try to kill each other after mating.

Here's a helpful link.

klewdog said...

not sure how Shmelvis would fee about that.

elpuga said...

Puppy ... gone?
Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

How's the plant?

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