The Wedding Industrial Complex

At our wedding, what if we had dudes dressed like Orthodox Jews, complete with fake beards, black hats and bottles balanced on their heads? What if Kool & The Gang showed up while the guests munched on mixed greens? What if Cirque du Soleil-style performers suspended themselves from the rafters during the Horah? What if we had air-brush tattoo artists, stilt walkers, Paris Hilton-look-alikes, mini-casino tables, photo booths, drag queens, cigar rollers and magicians stationed at all corners of the affair?

How about
paid models popping out of rolling dessert tables made to look like an enormous tiered wedding cakes?

Or, I don't know, call me old-fashioned. Or call me a bleeding-heart hater. But what if the ridiculous people featured in this New York Times article concentrated on actually getting married, and redirected a few hundred thousand dollars spent on some form of self-aggrandizing, irrelevant "entertainment" and, as a real sign of their love, maybe offered that money up to some of the millions around the globe who don't have food, drinking water or shoes?

Just a thought.

Pic Credits: BottleDancers.com; ScreamingQueens.com


Sugar said...

My grandmother got married in a gray suit and had lemonade afterwards. Maybe we'll hire the nude firebreaters for the 55 year anniversary party?

Anonymous said...

We planned and executed our wedding in 6 weeks. My dress was a prom dress on sale. So were my attendants' dresses. We had a buffet style reception and used the restaurant's band in the lounge for entertainment.

We also had MANY, MANY compliments on the day and have been celebrating for the past 28 years! These weddings that cost $10,000-1$100,000 are ridiculous. And not necessary.

A gift to charity would be not only welcome but appropriate. What better way to share the day with the world? You're correct, Matt.

Question; What's a Horah? (I'm not Jewish but we can't all be perfect.) -Amy

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