What A Crappy Wedding

The bride said "I do," but it looked as if she had to make do-do.

Yes, a couple got married Wednesday in a temporary bathroom at Times Square, and the bride wore a wedding dress made entirely of toilet paper.

"You may kiss the bride," the officiant said, "but please don't squeeze the Charmin dress."

The dress was commissioned by a web site devoted to keeping expenses down for weddings, cheap-chic-weddings.com. For the Kentucky couple chosen to get married in the Charmin-sponsored bathroom, it was the first time either of them had visited New York from Kentucky -- or seen toilet paper firsthand. What an exciting day!

I have a number of questions about this, not the least of which is why the groom got to wear a tux. Couldn't he have worn tissues? A napkin? Kotex pads?

Still, I endorse the idea. You don't wear a wedding dress more than once anyways, and if Grandma in the front row cries, she can wipe her face on the bride. Very convenient, and a touching moment for the wedding album.

So, to recap...

Rolls of Toilet Paper: 6
Number of news outlets documenting the toilet-papered affair: 7
Convenience of not having to take off your wedding dress for that after-party B.M.? Priceless

Photo Credit: Reuters

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