Worst In-law Ever?

This is an update from a previous blahg, "Worst Wife Ever?", about a bride in New York who sued her florist for $400,000 because the wedding hydrangeas were green and "pastel pink" instead of green and "dark rust," like the ones she expected. This color clashed with the linens, favor boxes, wedding cake and decor, so clearly the place to resolve this issue was a 200-year-old American institution, the judiciary.

The Wall Street Journal, as our nation's second largest newspaper and probably one of five most important news sources in the world, has been on top of this critical story and obtained the latest legal filings by, thank God, sending a reporter to the courthouse.
According to the defendant's response in court, the bride and mother-in-law each gave separate demands to the florist that "were often in complete or significant contradiction to one another."

As you know, I was squarely in the anti-bride camp on this issue. But maybe it was this mother-in-law's fault? Was arguing with mom-in-law over wedding plans so traumatic that the bride was forced to feel the need to get reimbursed for the $400,000 that it cost to put on the very thing that was the source of all the drama? If so, that is deeply, deeply fucked up, and for some reason it makes me glad that I'm not a lawyer in New York.

The real victim in all of this, of course, is the groom, who allegedly had no involvement at all in the arrangements. The florist said he never even talked to the shell of a man who lives among the two most intense women on earth.

Meanwhile, we can't even get a florist to give us a quote or call us back. Can you sue for that?

UPDATE: Apparently people get upset when you don't credit them for hooking it up with the ideas. So, Randi and Zach, thanks for keeping me up to date on the best wedding-related story of '08!


zach said...

A little journalistic integrity please - it was on the WSJ's legal blog, so mocking the paper for following the story is a bit over the top. the law blog focuses on legal issues with occasional forays into funny lawyer stuff. and you are welcome for the tip...

Sarah said...

try my florist (http://petalslane.com/) I LOVED her and I highly recommend her.

Bob Loblaw said...

Can't get enough of lawyer humor? Please check out my blawg where I follow similar stories and other all-too common hilarious and captivating legal capers.

Amy said...

Traipse through your local park or Wintergarden and see what your sticky little fingers can pick up flowerwise.

A $400,000 wedding??? Are you freaking kidding me??? Spoiled bitches, the bride and mother- in- law both. And I can say 'bitches' because you said the ultimate 'F' bomb which, by the way, had me saying, "Wow! He's human after all!!"

F-in' A right, huh Matt?

designer-in-denial said...

thanks sarah, I emailed them! Lets see if they get back to us, if not, I'm suing you.

ACG said...

and another reason to just elope.
what a wonderful way to start a life with a man, arguing with his mother and filing a ridiculous lawsuit. those things are much better than focusing on a future together.

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