84% Chance Of Divorce

In the spirit of the new poll feature on this page (see to your left), I decided to check how Deborah and I are polling out there on the interweb. According to 1,243 (bitter) voters who have looked at our picture and read the blurb about us on WeddingBetting.com, we have an 84 percent chance of divorce and our marriage will last 15 months -- a period of time that will actually be shorter than our entire engagement.

Meanwhile, skeezeball degenerate over here gets 4.8 years with just a 73 percent chance of divorce. Just another reason why democracy is overrated.


Old Man Snap said...

"She initially wanted nothing to do with him."

People are dumb. The write-up alone gets a "happily ever after" vote.

Ryan said...

Ahhh watersports, the key to a long lasting marriage.

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