Talking Smack: Flirting, or Unhealthy, Misogynistic, Psychologically Screwed-Up Male Behavior?

This is what my soul mate said about me to a group of friends Friday night as we left to walk through an area of Philly that is occasionally shady: "I mean, c'mon, just LOOK at this guy. Who wouldn't mug him?"
And this is what I said Saturday night after Deborah mistakenly told the usher at the movie theater that her ticket said Seat 8, not Seat 13:
"Sorry about that, sir. She's still learning her numbers."
Oooooooh, snap.
Deborah and I have always viewed shit-talking as centrally important to our relationship, because it's the only way we know how to flirt. We are, indeed, 9 years old.
But apparently, this is now a big problem. According to a study that this guy published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, men insult their partners as an unhealthy, negative way of trying to hold onto them.
But why do women do it? They haven't studied that yet, but you just know it's gonna end up being our fault. So I'd like to formally apologize in advance. We won't let it happen again.


Anonymous said...

The link you give to the study doesn't work for me.


Matt Katz said...

Check out above! I just broke my first-obnoxious-anonymous-comment cherry! I have arrived.

Old Man Snap said...

We don't even get those. We're *so* quitting at 1,000 posts.

124 left!

designer-in-denial said...

Maybe the anonymous user was making a joke by "talking smack" and calling you "dumbass" and it went right over your head, dumbass. Oooh snap! Once again, I have verbally shown you I love you.

chobag said...

part of me kinda wishes you really did get mugged...

ha! much love..

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

The link to the study in Matt's article is:
The source web site is not very professional-citing that he was a musician with links to his music.

It seems like the HTML editor substituted other characters.

There is also a study by John Gottman at Univ Washington- where he analyzes video interviews of couples and based on these interactions determine if the couple will be together 15 years later. He even has an institute named after him!!


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