Hire A DJ, Get A Mortgage

Mi madre, bless her Corazon, suggested a wedding DJ for us, apparently because she doesn’t like the idea of connecting my iPod to computer speakers and hitting shuffle.

Steve & Company call themselves the
"knights of music," and I have no reason to doubt them...except I do. One of Steve's offered services -- along with playing at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings -- is selling mortgages. I guess it makes sense that married couples would naturally become first-time home buyers, but do I want my DJ handling my mortgage? It's not like I want a wedding photographer to cut the umbilical cord on my first born, ya know what I mean Steve-o?

Meanwhile, my future mother-in-law also got a good recommendation for a DJ who offers something even better than sub-prime mortgages that will eventually contribute to the downfall of the economy. East Coast Event Group will set up a customized gameshow for guests. They're covering their bases, because if no one likes the music there’s a back-up plan to make sure people stick around for the cake. Brilliant!

It would make too much sense to follow real people's recommendations for wedding music, so Deborah and I are leaning toward a DJ who we heard spinning at a bowling alley Friday night. A recovering Phish-head who plays Philly scenester parties, DJ Frosty mixes tablas with funked-out beats on his MySpace page, where he lists like 100 people listed as influences—from Stevie Wonder to Ween to Wu Tang to the B-O-B. I asked him if he does weddings, and he said not anymore, but since he’s broke now he’ll do anything. I’m digging the bowling-themed starving artist bit, Frosty. Let’s talk.


Zachary said...

as long as he's got the hoora beats then he is good to go

JZ said...

I kind of love the idea of plugging in your iPod and hitting shuffle.

You could get a live band.

The one I'm thinking about is at about 10 original songs, but most of them are about how relationships don't work or hot bartenders who break up the relationships that do.

ACG said...

yeah, I'm the girl who thinks that getting married by an Elvis impersonator is super cool, so I might not be the best to give my opinions.

ACG said...

hey wait. aren't you in a band?

ronstopable said...

Years ago I was a keyboard player in a wedding band. If you said DJ to me, I would have said "Dirty Job, but someone has to do it."

Canned music is popular, price concious and predictable. You do get what you pay for, what is expected, and nothing more. No, I'm not saying you should deprive your guests of the eagerly anticipated and popular line and/or group dance tunes, but these are easily available from an iPod download.

The question is, since your special day is unique to you and your bride in virtually every way, should your celebration with family and friends sound like the neighborhood boom box? I say not. A good wedding band is memorable, and your wedding is "real", not canned, and not a digital representation of what is currently popular.

And if you eventually decide to go electronic, I believe there are pre-recorded wedding ceremonies from the web on-the-cheap. Hey, who needs a real minister or priest anyway?

The wedding day is about pageantry. What you do the next day, and the next, defines your life together. So, don't sweat the small stuff!

Welcome back Matt.

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