ALERT: I Might Wear A Kilt

It has come to my attention that my mom has had discussions with some folks who asked about dress code at the wedding. This is interesting to me for a number of reasons. First, the wedding is more than a year away. This is no time to worry about clothing, people. You should be spending all of your time thinking about our gift.

Second, the wedding is more than a year away – I really don’t think I can emphasize that point enough.

So here’s the deal: I will wear jean shorts over red underoos, sans shirt, possible bowtie. Either that or a linen suit. Men, you must wear underoos and jean shorts, too, but they cannot be more fabulous than mine. Ladies, I guarantee you the bride will steal the show -- despite the fact that so far, she has been against wearing a white wedding dress. (Then again for a long time she was dead-set against sitting next to me on the same couch, so we’ll see what happens.)


Zachary said...

can i wear my hulkamania bandana with my jean shorts?

Old Man Snap said...

Heh. Bombs.

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