Feminity & Me

I knew my baby skin, diminutive stature, paper-thin wrists, size 29.5 waist and inability to grow hair anywhere on my body except a 1/2-centimeter diameter on my left cheek wasn't all bad. It turns out that guys like me, who look as if they collapse during heavy wind gusts, are more passionate lovers!

OK, I made that up. According to a new study from England, "feminine guys" are just more committed in relationships. That means if women ignore our physical characteristics, we will pay them back by ignoring other women forever. Not a bad deal.


designer-in-denial said...

Damn you got me babe, I love those pretty boys! They are like puppy dogs adorable to look at and easy to train.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,

You did not pay me yet for that photo of me used in this blog :!!! I always knew that I looked good from the side the mirror does not reveal!!


guy with the axe said...

You'd better be faithful or you'll answer to me and a couple of other guys who love Deborah.

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