You Know You Love Computers Too Much When...

I like computers better than actual human interaction just as much as the next guy. And that's why I'm trying to
liveblog my engagement, even though I don't know what liveblogging means.

But this dude is so much more nerdified and Web 2.0 than I could ever dream of being. A few days ago he set up a wifi connection in the delivery room while his wife was giving birth to their second child. He liveblogged the whole damn birth and posted it online so people he has never met could follow along at home through updates like "Epideral done. Wife very happy. Wife is having a nice chat with the nurse...BFF.


Old Man Snap said...

At least you don't search for "Jessica Sweet" on the Videobox every night before bed.

Wait. What?

Old Man Snap said...

What. Nothin'?

Penny Flame would've been funnier.


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