Happy Conception Day!

I take a moment before we leave for a West Coast vacation to bring you this....

The Russian government, in an effort to appear even creepier than normal, has instituted a Conception Day, where people are given a day off of work so they can stay home and do the dance of love with their spouses. The point is to rebuild Russia's dwindling population and, presumably, instigate a new Cold War 20 years from now with a country full of crazy-eyed Ivan Dragos.

A few things. First, I had no idea that married people actually had sex during the day. Second, can't Russia just do an oil-for-baby deal with China, which has so many kids that it actually fines couples and sterilizes mothers for having more than one child?

In any case, Sept. 12 is the big day. The hope is that the babies conceived on 9/12 are born on 6/12, Russian Patriot Day. If they are, lucky parents can win prizes from the government, including SUVs, refrigerators and a half-bottle of vodka with a pack of smokes. (The prizes part is true; the vodka part is not...as far as we know).

But I'm really curious about what happens when you return to work Sept. 13. You know how after Labor Day your colleagues ask, "How was your Labor Day?" But is it sexual harassment to ask a female colleague about her Conception Day? Is it okay to say, "How fruitful/passionate/boring was your Conception Day?" Free pack of smokes to the commenter with the best post-Conception Day greeting.


Sugar said...

"Eh, just poked around the house"

Where are my smokes?!

Anonymous said...

"It was more like Conception Two Minutes."

I'll take my pack of Kools now, please.

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